Green Alternative for Powering Self Erecting Cranes

Self Erecting Cranes have become a popular choice for small to mid sized construction sites. These cranes sit on a small footprint, can be maneuvered into tight spaces, and typically take only a few hours to erect and be operational. The cranes use 3 phase power for their operation, and since this is not available […]

Automatic Load Banks

A load bank is a device which creates resistance to consume electrical energy when activated. Simply put, try and think of it as a giant hair dryer, with large resistive heating elements which convert electricity to heat, and a fan to cool things off. Load banks can vary in size, and are usually rated in […]

Dual Fuel – Propane & Natural Gas

Spark ignited engines can run on a variety of gaseous fuels. The majority of spark ignited generators over 10kW are designed to operate on natural gas. In well head or process gas applications, the natural gas supply can vary in methane content quiet substantially, with the methane percentages ranging from 40% to over 98% by […]

4160V Generators

Diesel generators are used extensively throughout the mining industry due to the limited availability of utility power at remotely located mine sites. The generators are used in a variety of applications including utility loads for the mine’s accommodations and offices, production facilities, and remote site operations. Due to the fact that mines typically span numerous […]