AltaStream Power Systems extends a full line of design, planning and construction services focused on the manufacturing of high quality custom enclosures that meet the requirements of our clients. All of our quality enclosures are designed and built on-site by highly qualified technicians and manufacturing groups to your specifications. For more custom requirements we can provide a tailored turn-key project that ensures your generator enclosure is built to your specifications.
To adhere to environmental regulations, our standard designs include 110% containment of all fluids present in the system, such as lubrication oil, coolant and fuel.
Below are some examples of the different types of enclosures we supply.

GPaK – Eaves Gable Housing

AltaStream Power Systems offers customized “Alberta Oilfield Housing” style enclosures. These rigid industrial style houses are made of corrugated pre-painted steel walls and roof with a structural oilfield skid and steel checker-plate flooring. We can manufacture the housing to meet the size and installation needs of your generator. Sound attenuation and additional insulation is standard. Some available features include; 6′ x 7′ double doors with panic hardware, double pane glass windows, rock wool sound attenuation and insulation, thermostatically controlled air exhaust louvers, wall mounted controller, circuit breaker, and automatic transfer switch, interior and exterior lighting, electrical or natural gas heating, and more. All buildings are designed for heavy snow and wind loading.

APEX – Sound Attenuated Enclosures

Sound Attenuated Enclosure
We specialize in sound attenuation solutions to meet your noise level requirements. We utilize different solutions to solve your unique sound attenuation problems. From small, tight packaging to full containerized/oilfield housing solutions, we can ensure the system runs quietly. AltaStream Power utilizes state of the art exhaust silencers, up to six inch thick rock wool insulation, and intake/louver dampening designs to minimize the noise produced by our units.

APST – Skin Tight Enclosures

Skin Tight
Our skin tight / weatherproof enclosures provide the bare-bones solution for installing a generator outside. Our custom designs ensure your generator stays protected from the elements, while keeping a low profile, all at an affordable price! This is a great solution when you need on-site energy and have no noise level requirements. The model which is outfitted with a skin tight enclosure the most is our 150kW APHG150. These units are used mostly in the Alberta oil fields to power lift pumps or injection pumps, and can run directly off of wellhead natural gas.

FPaK – Structural Isulated Panel (SIP) Enclosures

Constructed from heavy duty SIP panels, our 20×8 foot FPaK enclosures are in stock and ready to house generators from 50 – 800kW. This cost effective solution fits a variety of sizes and applications. Paired with an oilfield style skid, these packages make a great rental solution, allowing for transportable, reliable power. Pre-manufactured SIP panels fit together seamlessly, giving a watertight, sound attenuated, and insulated wall and roof.

CPaK – Industrail Containerized Enclosures

We provide containerized enclosures for generators and associated equipment from 10×8 foot containers all the way up to 60×12 foot containers. Whether you require a secure container to hold your generator or a fully sound attenuated system including fuel storage and distribution, we will supply an ISO container based system to suit your needs.
AltaStream’s containerized genset enclosures are designed from the ground up and can be built to meet the heaviest industrial requirements for Public Electrical Utilities, Nuclear Power Plants, Oil and Gas, Military, Civil Emergency Response, and virtually any on-site power requirement. Our enclosures can provide a fully functional cost effective solution for housing a generator in a remote area to being at home at in an environment requiring stringent noise and environmental regulations.