PowerBridge 200 – Erecting Crane Power Source

Price: $17,950
Make: AltaStream
Fuel Source: 1ph Input
Year: 2012
RPM: 1800
Quantity: In Stock
Model: PowerBridge
Voltage: 3ph Output
Packaging: Skin Tight
Hours: 0
Item #: 1259

Additional Features:

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The Powerbridge 200 is designed to provide reliable 3 phase power for mobile, rental style self erecting cranes.

This unique product converts a 240 VAC single phase input to reliable 3 phase, 60 Hz power. The unit is completely self-contained in a quiet, rugged enclosure. Simply plug in and go! The PowerBridge 200 uses closed circuit control system technology developed specifically for the application. Internal diagnostic programs monitor the input and output power characteristics. This allows the PLC to control the output frequency, maintaining it at precisely 60 Hz.

The PowerBridge 200 requires only minor part lubrication on an annual basis, reducing you site’s down time while saving you money. Additionally, the PowerBridge 200 does not require engine oil or fuel of any kind, eliminating the cost and mess associated with oil changes and fi lter replacements, making the PowerBridge an environmentally friendly upgrade to your site. Read more…

PowerBridge 200 Specifications

To see PowerBridge in action, check out the video below: