Green Alternative for Powering Self Erecting Cranes

Self Erecting Cranes have become a popular choice for small to mid sized construction sites. These cranes sit on a small footprint, can be maneuvered into tight spaces, and typically take only a few hours to erect and be operational. The cranes use 3 phase power for their operation, and since this is not available at most of the smaller construction sites, a diesel generator has typically been deployed for power. This is unfortunate, as the inherent ‘green’ nature of self erecting cranes is lost with the use of the diesel generator. The generators need to be run continuously throughout working hours, creating noise and emissions pollution for both workers and locals. There is also increased risk of environmental pollution from spills caused by re-fueling and/or engine oil changes. Local noise bylaws may restrict the operating hours of the generator, impacting construction site build schedules. Generator breakdowns, and shutdowns for service or refueling, further impact these schedules. The drawbacks of using generators to power self erecting cranes are well known, but until now, the technology required for a viable alternative has not been available.

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AltaStream’s PowerBridge product utilizes breakthrough technology to transform available single phase 240 VAC power, into the specific 3 phase output required to drive the self erecting cranes’ electric motors. PowerBridge units are efficient, compact, and quiet. They require virtually no maintenance, and can easily be moved from job site to job site. Key features include simple to operate Start/Stop buttons, a graphical display for status and diagnostics, and data logging. Also included are safety features such as intelligent output power sensing to prevent damage to cranes, and an auto-sense ‘brake’ which turns on and absorbs the power created by the crane as a heavy load is being lowered.

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PowerBridge is the ideal ‘green’ product to complement the advantages of using self erecting cranes on the construction site. No longer are noise and emissions de-habilitating for site workers, local merchants or residents. With the super quiet operation of a PowerBridge unit, construction site crane operators can start moving building materials earlier in the morning, thus optimizing utilization of resources during regular working hours. The risks of diesel and/or oil spills are also eliminated. Schedules are not hampered by engine failures or scheduled maintenance. PowerBridge units do not require oil changes, filter replacements, or refueling. In fact, the only maintenance required is some minor lubrication on an annual basis. Construction companies are able to save thousands of dollars a year in diesel engine maintenance costs.

PowerBridgePortable, Green Energy
PowerBridge units have been deployed at construction sites since 2009, and have provided 3 phase power with better characteristics than an equivalent diesel generator. Operators are able to perform more concurrent operations, at a higher speed. This results in building supplies being moved more quickly and efficiently. The auto sense ‘brake’ ensures that loads are lowered smoothly, at the appropriate speed, without any jerking. Upon completion of the construction, PowerBridge units are small and light enough to be easily transported to another site in a pickup truck.

For further information, including detailed product specifications, please contact AltaStream Power Systems, and ask about the PowerBridge product.

To see PowerBridge in action, check out the video below: